KennedyCoJewelry - Specializing in inspirational jewelry designs with meteorites, fulgurite lightning sand and more!

I specialize in making meteorite jewelry for men and women. Meteorite necklaces, meteorite pendants, meteorite earrings, meteorite bracelets and meteorite accessories make fantastic jewelry! These cosmic space rocks are incredibly interesting as they have traveled from as far away as the asteroid belt and beyond, to our planet.

The extraordinary, legendary fulgurite lightning sand has inspired me to make jewelry, as well as art forms. Fulgurite lightning sand is so awesome  because one of nature's most powerful events - lightning striking sand - uses temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun, in their creation.  Not only has this been the theme of a romantic Hollywood movie, but the textures and form of this "fossil lightning" are beautiful and extremely unique.

I specialize in hand made jewelry using stainless steel hypoallergenic wire for my meteorite jewelry along with niobium, sterling silver and 14K gold. 
I also use Authentic RMS Titanic shipwreck coal, Libyan Desert glass, Anasazi pottery and unique geological pieces to create distinctive specialty jewelry.

Exotic geological adventures, gem and mineral shows, and world travels has given me a unique opportunity to obtain some of the most interesting materials in the world. I am pleased to be able to offer truly amazing jewelry, for those who enjoy interesting jewelry with a story!

If you do not find something today, please continue to check back on my website soon for the latest in new handmade creations and designs from KennedyCoJewelry. 

Please inquire about custom work, too!  Thank you.

Please note:  All of my items ship from my exceptionally clean, coronavirus free facility!

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